Terms of Business

1. Professional Fees

Our fee for Executive Search will be charged at 20% of the first year guaranteed earnings,
unless other fees are agreed in a signed LOE.

Should a client engage, directly or indirectly, our candidate, or refer our candidate to a third
party who subsequently engages our candidate, the client will be liable for the appropriate full

All fees invoiced are subject to VAT.

Any agreed advertising costs will be re-charged at cost to the client.

Travelling, hotel or other expenses as may be agreed will be re-charged at cost to the client.

2. Fee Structure

For retained Executive Search, the fee will be broken down in three equal components as follows:

  • A retainer payable upon commencement of the assignment. This is calculated as one third of the
    estimated total fee.
  • A milestone fee payable once a candidate is offered a position, regardless of whether the position
    is full time, part time or on any other basis like consultancy.
  • The balance payable upon the start date of the successful candidate.

3. Project Completion

If an offer is declined then, free of charge, we will continue the project until a candidate accepts
the offer.

For any additional work or changes to the original specification of the role a new retainer would
be charged

4. Cancellation Fee

If the client cancels an assignment, Complete Resourcing retains the right to charge a cancellation
fee. This will be charged if candidates have progressed to interview stage with the client when
the assignment is cancelled.

It is charged to recompense Complete Resourcing in situations where we have discharged virtually
all of our obligations but will not receive a completion fee, having retained relevant candidates for
the client and potentially turned down other work in order to avoid a conflict of interest or an
excessive workload. The fee would be calculated as half of the estimated total fee.

5. Further Placements

If subsequent placements arise from an assignment, fees for each additional individual recruited
would be at 20% of the first year’s guaranteed remuneration package.

6. Candidate Resignation/Dismissal

It is important to note that Complete Resourcing does not recognise ‘trial periods’. However,
should the applicant, having taken up an engagement subsequently leave of their own accord
within 3 months of employment, Complete Resourcing will conduct a search assignment to
replace the candidate free of charge.

7. Payment Terms

For all payments, we require prompt settlement within 14 days from the date of the invoice. All
re-imbursement guarantees will become null and void after the due date.
Complete Resourcing reserves the right to charge interest on invoiced amounts unpaid for more
than 14 days at the rate of 4% from the due date until the date of payment.

8. Confidentiality

All candidates are assured of the confidentiality of our service, therefore, no details can be
provided to a client without the prior approval of the candidate. All candidates are assured that
no reference will be sought without their prior consent. Our client is also bound by this
commitment. Offers of employment should therefore be made ‘subject to satisfactory references
and proof of qualifications.’ All our consultants are contracted not to divulge information
confidential to the client.

9. Liability

Whilst it is our endeavour to submit candidates that are suitable for our clients’ needs, we cannot
accept liability for any loss or damage or other costs irrespective of how they are caused, which
a client may suffer or for which a client may become liable arising out of, or in connection with,
the introduction of our candidate to a client company. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that
the information contained in candidate resumes are accurate, we would recommend that
references be taken up with previous employers, before a candidate commences working with
your company.

10. Acceptance

Your acceptance of referrals from our company constitutes your agreement with our Terms of
Business. No variation can be made to these Terms of Business without the written consent of
a Director of Complete Resourcing.