With over 20 years experience helping to build high-growth and investor-backed businesses across the UK, we have a detailed understanding of what is required in a key management team to maximise the success of high-growth businesses.

Through our work within the context of investor-backed businesses across a variety of vertical markets, we have developed a range of tailored services aimed at helping you to develop, grow, retain and manage world-class teams:

Executive / Non-Executive Search

With in excess of 20 years experience, we have developed our own proactive executive search methodology, which allows us to consistently deliver high quality shortlists of the highest calibre, most relevant individuals. Our highly successful approach relies on several factors, including:

  • Developing a detailed understanding of the requirement
  • Gaining access to a comprehensive pool of the most suitable individuals
  • Detailed qualification of potential candidates
  • Continual communication and feedback through the recruitment process to ensure the decision is right for the
    company and the candidate

Our impeccable track record has allowed us to develop long-term relationships with both our clients and their investors ensuring they consistently gain access to the right people for their business.

Management Assessment / Due Diligence

Our management assessment goes beyond simply looking at functional and professional skills or personality profiling. In order to build a successful team, assessment is most effectively carried out in the context of an individual’s role, their team and the overall organisation. Within this context we perform in-depth analysis of:

  • Capabilities and competencies
  • Personality and motivation
  • Ability to deal with adversity
  • Functional and professional skills

This results in highly accurate reports, which can be used as a solid foundation for personal and organisational development.

Organisational Design

As your business grows, poor organisational design and structure can result in a confusion within roles, a lack of co-ordination, failure to share ideas and slow decision-making. However, traditional business models may also not be right for your business in a time when flexibility and agility are increasingly crucial for business success.

Our unique approach utilises our understanding of the people within the organisation and how they work together to promote a team environment that is geared towards optimum performance.


As your business grows, it will be essential to continue to recruit top-flight individuals at all levels. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver bespoke recruitment campaigns which fulfil the continually changing needs of our clients. This can range from individual assignments through to fully-managed, recruitment process outsourcing.

As opposed to just filling vacancies, our long-term commitment to helping develop and grow our clients’ businesses means that we only source candidates who provide long-term benefit.


Whilst long-term HR support is essential when growing a successful business, small companies do not normally need a full time HR director. Outsourcing this function on an ‘al a carte’ basis can be the best approach. We provide clients with ongoing HR support including:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Company Handbook
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Remuneration
  • HR Support

Contextual Personality Profiling

Research shows that social relationships within the workforce account for up to 40% of performance improvement within an organisation. A positive workforce who enjoy working with each other can drive employee engagement, productivity, innovation, greater quality of service and customer loyalty.

Understanding how individuals, and more importantly the team as a whole, will react to future pressures and strains will enable more informed decision-making.

We have selected a range of ‘best in class’ psychometric tools suited to high-growth, investor-backed businesses which offer three simultaneous insights:

  • Understanding individuals behaviours and personality
  • The prediction and articulation of relationships
  • The definition and measurement of cultures and values